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Only the Andrew Weaver’s BC Greens have a track record of working with both other parties to address the housing crisis, support jobs and the clean economy, modernize transportation and tackle pressing social issues.

Michele Ney can ensure the stability of government and the economy, while pushing for bold action on a number of issues. Read the full platform at bcgreens.ca/platform.

On January 30, send Michele to Victoria to support the work of the BC Greens.

About Michele

Michele Ney is a born and raised resident of Nanaimo. She has deep roots in Nanaimo where her father Frank Ney placed Nanaimo on the map with the traditional World Bathtub Race. He was mayor of Nanaimo for 21 years and MLA (Social Credit Member of the Legislative Assembly) for Nanaimo from 1969 to 1972. Ney was raised in a large family of eleven children.

Ney has been an educator for 32 years, teaching at the elementary and high school level. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from University of Victoria and 1st year Master of Education degree in Leadership and Counseling from San Diego State University. She has attended studies at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in mediation, negotiation and restorative justice.

Ney has always had a deep passion for teaching at all levels of education. She retired from her profession this year. Throughout her career, Ney has focused her attention volunteering her time on numerous committees such as anti-bullying, community/culture and professional development, as well as various sports teams to support and encourage the children in the schools at which she had taught. She feels strongly that “supporting our children is supporting our future – as they are and will be the leaders of our future.”

Being an educator has provided Ney with many transferable skills that make her an ideal candidate to represent her riding at the provincial level. Her strong communication skills, her natural ability to have patience and compassion for others, being a visionary with hope and aspiration for our future, a team player, open minded and an excellent problem solver are a few of the many strengths she portrays that will support her in the role as MLA. She has a genuine desire to inspire people to be their best and to instill love, respect and compassion for our fellow members of community and our environment. She would now like to redirect this passion and inspiration in a leadership role, guiding and supporting her constituents with hope and dreams for a better future for our children, seniors and in between.

It's been six days since the Nanaimo by-election and I've been reflecting on this wonderful experience. I just wanted to say, I’m incredibly proud of the campaign that we ran and am so deeply appreciative of the support I received from you along the way.
NANAIMO, B.C. – B.C. Green Party candidate Michele Ney released the following statement ahead of the January 30 provincial by-election in Nanaimo:  “It’s an exciting week for Nanaimo residents.
NANAIMO B.C. – B.C. Green Party members in Nanaimo have chosen Michele Ney as their candidate for the upcoming by-election to replace outgoing MLA Leonard Krog. Voting took place online for 24 hours and in-person at Saturday’s nomination meeting. “I am truly honoured that members of the party have chosen...

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